Ancestral Healing

We all have wise and loving ancestors.

Ancestral Healing is a framework for cultivating direct relationship with one’s well-in-spirit blood ancestors towards greater personal, familial and cultural wellness. I have trained in the method developed by Dr. Daniel Foor, which is a client-centered approach that emphasizes ritual safety and the intersection of personal healing/liberation with collective healing/liberation. This framework is non-dogmatic, culturally inclusive and open to folks of all backgrounds.

The work follows a five step process that invites you to deepen into relationship with your wise and loving ancestors and collaborate with them in healing your lineages. The benefits of this work are manifold, including guidance with life path, transforming toxic intergenerational patterns, support through transitions and learning to embody and anchor ancestral blessings in one’s body and life.

The Ancestral Lineage Repair model is built on four assumptions that inform the work:

Consciousness continues after death. The ones we talk of as ancestors are an extension of that consciousness.

Not all of the dead are equally well. Just like the living, the ancestors exist on a spectrum of wellness and energetic coherence (no judgment here). Dying does not automatically make someone wise and loving (and some people totally become all awake and wise after dying), it just means the person is not incarnate anymore.

The dead can change. Often more quickly than the living. The ancestors are not stagnant or theoretical. They exist in the present. Allow for the possibility that the dead can change, heal and transform.   

The living and the dead can communicate. This isn’t an especially spiritual or magical orientation. In fact, it is quite old, ordinary and natural for humans to orient this way. The pervasive amnesia about the mutual impact between the living and the dead is one of the rippling consequences of colonization, displacement from land and the many intersecting cultural toxins that we are downstream from.

There is substantial impact between the living and the dead. We influence one another. The living are a structural extension of the ancestors. We don’t get to opt out of the reality of this impact. The question is how conscious we choose to make the relationship.

If you are a new client, please select “Ancestral Lineage Healing - First Session” to book an initial 1.5 hour session. For on-going clients you can choose 1 or 1.5 hrs, based on your preference. If you have any questions, please book a complimentary consult to discuss working together.