Drumming is an ancient cross-cultural technology used to connect with the unseen, clear the mind, reorient the spirit and awaken the heart. The drum connects us with our roots and to the primordial heartbeat of life. Drums have been used since time immemorial to move energy, bring community together and to pray. These drums are created with prayerful intent, as an offering from and to Spirit. The resonance is profound and the sound invokes deep healing.

I make these drums in the way passed to me by my teacher, Master Drum Maker Yolanda Martinez, who has been making drums for more than thirty years. The design and process of creating these sacred tools has been channeled through her. I offer this craft with Yolanda's guidance and blessing. It brings me great joy to share these drums with you. Find Yolanda Martinez's music on YouTube and iTunes.

Price List

14" Elk - $165
16" Elk- $225
18" Elk- $260

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your drum to be made and shipped to you. Drums can be hand delivered to California Bay Area locations for an additional fee. All drums come with a hand-made beater.


Drum Making Ceremonies

Yael is available to facilitate private drum making ceremonies for individuals and small groups. This is a special opportunity to co-create your own drum.

Everything is provided for in the drum-making workshop including hide, hoop, sinew leather and a beater. Contribution for a drum-birthing is the price of the drum plus $100 per person. Drum-making is generally a two day process. Day 1 includes wrapping and opening ritual (3-4 hours). After the drum dries overnight, Day 2 is the drum-birthing ceremony when we welcome your drum into the world and hear it's voice for the first time! (up to 1 hour)

Also, Yolanda are Yael are available to co-facilitate drum-making workshops for large groups with several month advance request. 

In acknowledgement of the ongoing legacy of colonization, a portion of all drum purchases / drum birthing ceremonies goes to the Shuumi Land Tax which supports the The Sogorea Te Land Trust, "an urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship."